How to get rid of acne

Acne is heads and pimples scattered on the face and that distort the features of the most common problems experienced by many people, and prepare the grain is troublesome when private females of many, they appear in many places in women, Kalpthor scattered on the face or on the hands of the top or in the chest or back, all affect the beauty of the woman's skin, permanent insomnia, thinking and make them in how to get rid of them for good. 

Numerous ways, both medical and curative ways herbs to get rid of the young nagging pills, but the percentages were uneven in their success, they also shut many numbers of women about acne treatment to get rid of it once and for all through the laser treatment, but the success of this method rates were not high. 

There are also some methods used in many beauty salons that in the process of conducting paring operations from time to time for those who suffer from the large spread in acne. 

Ways to get rid of acne with herbs to get rid of acne permanently baptized a lot of the ladies to taking certain medications that work to get rid of the absorption of fatty substances, and is drained into the body, these methods can be useful in getting rid of acne but many disadvantages, and caused causing other diseases. 

There are some treatments with herbs that work on Tkhalisk of acne permanently, including: Use lemon juice and put it on places where the acne spread, where you scan and scrub places spread grain juice, and leave it to dry, then nationalist wash them with warm water and then cold. 

Vallimon works on Tkhalisk of cereals, dried and remove effects.

 Use aloe vera oil, almond oil, grape and rose water, where you have to Taklatiha with each and Tdhenneha on places that are spread by acne, this mixture eliminates the grain, and save you from the effects and infections resulting therefrom, Dame on its use at night every day. 

Cleanse your skin twice daily with soap and water, then works on Tkhalisk of fats and oils accumulated in the pores of your skin, which in turn causes the appearance of acne, Vamadaomh a face wash well save you from grain gradually, you can also wash the face with water and salt it works on dry skin and Tkhalisk of fat show cause grain. 

Eating fruits and vegetables, they contain a large amount of vitamins that benefit the skin, and save you from acne. 

Urban mix consisted of yogurt and clay and water potatoes, mix these ingredients well, and Put the mixture on the scattered grain, it eliminates them. 

Use boiled chamomile to get rid of acne, so after you've boiled the chamomile plant on fire, and the liquidation of the resulting water, and use it to grease the places affected grain. 

Apply apple cider vinegar on the whereabouts of acne, it will eliminate them.

Mix the starch with rosewater, and Put the mixture on the whereabouts of acne.

Use a combination of cinnamon with honey, it cures acne.
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