The four most important ways to get rid of a headache and headache in women

And the occurrence of headaches in women, too many reasons and we will review the most important of these causes, including stress, nervousness, large The tasks entrusted to the women and the women more than the work at the same time and thinking a lot in the house and the children, work and study makes her temper tire leading to a state of tension and nervousness lead to headache very severe and intolerable and often do not take advantage of known drugs in this case, headaches and this is what is called in the world of medicine headache Altotra which requires treatment primarily by eating painkillers Learn to relax and control the nerves to eliminate the reason leading to this situation.Other causes of headaches during the day when the woman is going out of business or function or university without eating breakfast, leading to a drop in blood sugar has thus a headache, and this situation requires a snack to stop headaches and learn to eat breakfast before going in the morning.

And a woman have to realize something very important that the headache is only the display shows an internal imbalance in the body and must go to consult a doctor to find out the imbalance in the body, because the body in the event of an internal particular disease occurrence often sends signals to humans and represented in several symptoms including headaches so it must be the realization that headaches view and not a disease in itself.

Whatever the degree of headache it must be to consult a doctor to make sure that we will give the most natural ways to relieve a headache the day at the occurrence of acute pain episodes:

1. Use of peppermint oil:

Of peppermint oil's ability to calm the body and feel comfortable, so I painted the place of pain are advised peppermint oil or fat jaw area and Alosaddag and forehead with oil, peppermint with the work of a light massage and try taking a deep breath to relax. This method helps in alleviating the pain and calm the nerves.

2. ginger to relieve headaches:

Ginger's role in alleviating the headaches, especially headaches sister because it relieves pain and reduces bouts of nausea associated with his brother.It is effective in alleviating the pain roads using ginger is inhaled and then immersing the pieces of ginger in the water and leave it for half an hour and then boil water and inhaling air containing ginger with relaxation.

3 fish oil to get rid of a headache:
Some studies suggest that taking fish oil helps to alleviate headaches and naughty and relieves pain and so rich fish oil omega 3, which helps to strengthen the body and relieve heart disease, relieve inflammation in the body and prevent high blood pressure and alleviate the incidence of blood clots and strokes.

So it is advisable to relieve headaches by drinking a cup of melted fresh orange juice with a spoonful of fish oil.

4. relax to get rid of a headache:
When the bout headaches come without there being any drug or natural substance is preferred that the woman exercise yoga to relax, easing a headache or that the deep breathing by taking deep breaths through the nose and out slowly from the mouth and refining this process even hide his headaches, as they are laying the body large quantities of oxygen is doing a relaxation of the mind and body together, easing from a bout headaches dramatically.
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