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Diet abdomen

Diet belly diet is specially prepared flatten the tummy and reduce its size, but at the same time helps to burn fat from the body all. Dieting and the idea basically is to get rid of excess gas, water and heavy metals to get a marked difference in a short period does not exceed 4 days, it can also be followed through diet abdomen that a person loses seven pounds of weight at the same time.1. The first tips that you should consider when you follow the diet abdomen or even any diet another is to reduce the amount of salt that is dealt with, because the salt helps to lock up the body of fluids, which leads to increased body weight and appearing fatter and obesity than you Actually.This salt is not limited only in the basic image, preventing eating spices that introduces salt in the components as well as eating any foods prepared outside the home and contain loads of salt. Here it is recommended to add salt-free spices, which became available dramatically these days Among the examples of Italian combination Mrs. Dash.

2. The second advice is that you should consider is to avoid eating soft drinks completely, they are capable of destroying any diet including soft drinks Diet. Often these products are commercial and adversely affect the success of the diet of water and reason behind it to contain soft drinks and carbonated bubbles cause bloating. So try eating water dramatically, including at least eight glasses of water a day. Water helps to successful dieting and working to rid the body of toxins and show the body to the availability of water largely depends on the private in the abdomen, face and buttocks area storage and, of course, under stop eating salt and foods that are included in the composition.

3. Third, you must reduce the intake of carbohydrates significantly, but without refraining from fully addressed. For example, you can eat a piece of bread instead of two pieces of work of the sandwich and make up the difference by adding more and rich in fiber and increase a few cheese or skimmed useful vegetables. Also it advised to eat brown rice instead of white rice and the least amount of ingredients, and using a spoon here advised children and a small dish to eat rice for not feeling a lack of intake of it. For desalination advised to eat Kabshah of unsalted nuts instead of eating a piece cakes. At the same time it advised to avoid foods rich in carbohydrates significantly Kalmakronh, cakes and chips. The main reason for reducing advised to eat foods rich in carbohydrates to the muscles of your body is working to store a type of carbohydrate claims glycogen and works every one gram of this type to store another 3 grams of water increases the weight and size of the body. But as long as the exercise is not an essential part of the daily routine of life there is no need to store this stock to get used to fuel your body to get rid of the water inventory and this one of the fastest ways to diet success of the abdomen.

4. Many people prefer to eat warm foods rich Basalsat and spices, but this is the most important reasons for the emergence of the rumen and weight gain in general terms that spicy foods stimulate the release of stomach acid, which is working to irritate the intestines. Are therefore advised to stop taking the hot sauces and chili powder and nutmeg, black pepper, ketchup and sauce horseradish and barbecue sauce, mustard, garlic, onion, vinegar, instead of all these species are visible flavors similar to some types of fresh and dried herbs such as tarragon, mint, basil, dill, and allows the use of lemon and curry which types suit chicken and fish.

5. Many women do not teach that chewing gum chewing gum works to swallow the amount of air that keeps stuck in the airway and bronchi what causes bloating and expansion, one of the most important reasons for the emergence of the rumen, so the diet abdomen are advised to avoid chewing as much as possible and eat non-nuts salted or non-core sunflower unsalted instead if it was difficult to do without.

6. advised to eat cooked vegetables or prepared Steam provided they do not use salt, as previously noted, it is also advised to eat dried fruit or stored naturally such as peaches and dried raisins. The reason behind it to provide cooked vegetables the same nutritional value provided by vegetables raw that he does not need a large space in the stomach and the same applies to fresh and dried fruit, there is a big difference between eating 10 kernels of fresh grapes and eat the same number of raisins. We are therefore advised to avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables.

7. I always recommend here in rapid slimming magazine to avoid eating foods fried food in all its forms, these foods are working to reduce the digestion process, and despite the help of these foods on the satiety rapid but it will prevent the ability to wear pants preferred. Therefore, you should avoid even eating fried potatoes and fried onions.

8. You should also during the period of implementation of the abdomen diet be avoided citrus fruits, peppers, onions, cabbage, cauliflower private small and legumes, cabbage eating. In addition, you should avoid eating fruits, cocoa, tea, coffee, citrus drinks and juices alcohol.Finally, we must increase the movement, although the exercise is difficult, it can increase walking and movement in general.
Here we are advised to identify the most important slimming exercises and calories agenda for further clarification and detail.
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