How to burn fat while you sleep only

How to burn fat while you sleep

Sure, everything that goes on in our minds about the lack of excess weight and fat is to follow a drastic diet or use medical means different for the elimination of excess fat and burning, but did you know that there is a relationship strong between sleep and weight loss or increased depending on the nature of your sleep and behavior followed to sleep as the troubled sleep leads to an imbalance in the weight significantly, therefore we will offer nine tips you should know about how to burn fat while you sleep.

Sleep in the dark helps to burn fat

You must sleep in the dark night has God put this system for the convenience of man because sleep in the dark is very important for the secretion of the hormone "melatonin," which regulates sleep and wake up in humans must therefore sleep at night and turn off the lights so you can quickly go to a deep and healthy sleep.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep leads to keep the human body fat, research and scientific studies conducted that people who sleep five and a half hours per day Izadt fat content have increased by 60%, while those who slept eight hours a day were fat have much less knowing that they follow the same diet proved .

Technological devices the enemy of sleep

If the lights affect sleep and burn fat, the Lapps repentance, mobile phones and computers, all of which broadcast the blue light which is inside the wavelength short, making it the wall of a large dam in front of the hormone "melatonin," it must try to get away from all that far in advance of your bedtime.

Lack of sleep increases the secretion of cortisol

The lack of sleep leads to the secretion of the hormone "cortisol" hormone fatigue and stress which makes a person feel hungry and leads to the deposition of fat and weight gain and accumulation in abundance in the area of ​​the abdominal wall.

Lack of sleep harmful to children

There is a strong relationship between the small number of hours of sleep disorder and obesity in children. Overcharged physical and physical weakness and therefore must be careful that your child is taking adequate and timely manner to the old sleep.

Lack of sleep stimulate the appetite centers of the brain

The lack of sleep makes us hungry faster and make us most in need of sugary snacks and meals that increase the weight and body fat.

Lack of sleep affects the metabolic rate

Lack of sleep also lead to an imbalance in the metabolism rate of the body "metabolism" and reduces the calorie burning in the body than normal.

Artificial sleep

Do not you think that the artificial sleep that you get if you took a hypnotic disc, for example, is a healthy sleep and will assist you in maintaining your health, this is not unfounded where you must be careful to healthy sleep.

You must sleep of 7-8 hours a day

If we speak does not mean that the increase in sleep is a good thing. On the contrary that the lack of sleep has bad health and sleep too much have implications also negative effects on the health Therefore The best sleep daily rate is that sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.
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