How to get rid of baldness

Hair is the crown on the head of the woman and the man must be the appearance of hair and beauty care in terms of smoothness, density and height, there are some diseases and reasons why Light and easy to embrittlement hair and eventually fall and cause baldness.Of the causes of hair loss and weakness:1-Tang anemia and anemia from malnutrition.

2-age.3-Tgerhrmonat body.4-follow diet suffered damage and leads to the fall of the hair from the roots.

5-washing daily flaking and makes it lose its luster and shine.

Can become men and women especially bald Ge area Introduction hair or hair amid find wisps falling composed dig deepCan cure those reasons, but that hair back as it was This is a problem that will be described and offer you Alhelmn through the recipe from India works to treat baldness and hair strained and weak this wonderful recipe you work on the hair reappear in front of the head, drilling and vacuum in the scalp resulting from precipitation:

Alusvhabarh for:

1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate Sgarhmn with the amount of water to create a paste and then put the dough on a national introduction of hair and head blanks Almugodhpferoh leave this paste on the hair for 20 minutes then rinse hair and repeat prescription for a couple of days to a week and the result will surprise you
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