Many amazing benefits to the delicious dish mallow

Mallow most preferred for many in Egypt, the food eaten by the rich and the poor is characterized Btamha delicious not uncommon in a table which is of Egyptian character dining sincere her taste is different from the rest of the vegetables as well as the content of innumerable benefits accrue to the body and provide him with important nutritional elements needed by the indispensable dish mallow tasty.

Mallow treasure healthy body

It should be noted that countries such as Japan and the mallow planted to take advantage of the many benefits it is not only that but they entered in many foods such as ice cream and Athunha differ in several ways, of course, known for the way in the land of the Arab Middle East.The benefits of the delicious dish mallow

Mallow magic cure for anemia, anemia and discarded completely.

Mallow very rich source of potassium, which adjusts the important ratios and rates of pumping blood throughout the body element.

Saves the heart from exposure to any crises and its effectiveness in protecting the arteries of the heart and strengthened.

Mallow diet rich in fiber, which facilitates digestion and protects the stomach wall and do not cause any irritation of the colon but is protected from exposure to any pain, contrary to what is known.

Mallow gives a feeling of fullness so they are an important meal for those who follow the diet regime and wants to lose weight.

Mallow contain high levels of potassium protects the bones from being brittle.
Rich in antioxidants, which protect the body from chronic diseases.
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