The easiest way to get rid of the rumen without diet

Ways to get rid of the rum

Get enough sleep: Did you know that sleep helps to get rid of the rumen? The lack of sleep causes stress and thus induce you to eat a greater amount of food to keep your energy. In addition, the body produces the hormone during sleep to help him facilitate the process of digestion. We are therefore advised to sleep for a period of between seven and eight hours

Drink warm water with lemon before breakfast and before bedtime water is warm lemon helps to absorb well, and lemon works to dissolve fat
     Not to drink water during or before or after the food directly, preferably after eating half an hour
     Stay away from soft drinks and sugars
     Eat less food containing carbohydrates; white bread and rice
     Walking for at least half an hour a day, and to drink water during the sport

Exercises to get rid of the rumen

     Jumping rope using five rounds each round 10 times a day
     Do b 4 rounds (Push up), and every round 5 times a day
     Stand and then get off three rounds, and each round 10 times a day
     Sleeping on your back and put your hands behind the neck, then lifted back off the ground to get to the right angle with the legs and then sleep again
     Payment exercise to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks; you should practice this exercise for 10 minutes a day, to get a taut belly, free from any Atralat
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