Thus retaliate technology .. Smart car guides for a thief has stolen

US suffered a thief to the position unexpectedly, after stealing a car from a sophisticated model BMW, which guided the police to him.

The owner of the car thief could track down to the private garage, where he left his car key inside, and took the opportunity and bounce them to set off away without being monitored by one.Upon discovering the theft, the owner of the car told the US city of Seattle police, which contacted the company to track the car is equipped with the GPS feature.

See also: 7 Tips to capture professional images amazing phone for iPhoneUpon receipt of the signal that the car has been stolen, he closed the doors from the inside, and imprisoned thief inside until police arrived and arrested him.

The thief was arrested on charges of theft and possession of drugs, according to the network "Sky News" newsletter.

The BMW cars equipped with the new technology allows Ptakbha if stolen, and find them.Control service is also available from the post in the car, through a special application in the "Apple" store, allows to locate, check Close doors and windows.
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