Ways to get rid of lice final

Lice and Chiban head lice is a parasitic insect that relate to the scalp through the material produced and stick to hair, fed lice and Chiban on human blood, and makes lice color on the color of hair a person who lives in it, and that's what makes it difficult to detect and vision, while Chiban is a eggs small lice, longer hair lice and Chiban most common, especially among children preschool or school age, at this age children are playing with each other and be friction between their heads more and hair, often using the same hair comb, or hair clips, All this leads to lice infestation hair and exposure him, and as soon as one louse transmission to someone's hair, the lice and Chiban Satcather in his hair.

 Symptoms of infection with lice, and existence of persistent itching of the scalp.

Yellowing of the face, the result of food lice on a person's blood.

The presence of lice and their eggs in the hair comb during Tmsheeth.

Get rid of the lice and Chiban definitive ways doctors are advised to use to eliminate the lice and eggs preventive treatment, and these are the best ways and the most effective, and purchased from the pharmacy, which is a spray is sprayed on the hair and scalp, method of use comes as shown bulletin internal medicine.

It is possible to use natural mixtures prepared at home and in the simplest ingredients, so by mixing a little mayonnaise with white vinegar, as a natural remedy to eliminate hair lice once and for all, with this mixture caused suffocating lice, and also dissolve the gum lice and lack of adhesion in the scalp, and thus His death and eliminate it once and for all. 

Of modern methods to get rid of lice and all boys hair hair dryer hair, which is very useful in eliminating lice process, through the hair dryer and hair styling This works to burn lice and their eggs in the hair. Use special combs for lice, which comes as a body high and tight teeth, this is good hair combs rid of lice and their eggs process, by the curvature of the body down and then comb the hair from the roots of the hair to the bottom of the hair.

Conservative person on personal cleanliness, and cleanliness of his hair using an appropriate shampoo, and do not use third-party tools and combs, to ensure that the transmission of lice and their eggs for his hair. 

Change all the pillows and blankets for people infected with lice, wash all the towels the head, using a relatively hot water, and then subjected to the temperature of the sun, where they are to get rid of all lice and eggs sticking in it.

Hair inspection periodically to detect the presence of any louse and the disposal boil immediately, because if they grew lice in the hair are difficult to remove.
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